Friday, November 10, 2017

Wedding Invitation

Commissioned by Cynder for our wedding invitation for a "Nerd" themed wedding. Everything thing here represented a table at our reception: Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle plush for My Little Pony, a wand, broom, snitch, & cloak for Harry Potter, a Tribes spinfusor, Minecraft sword & creeper for gaming, a police box & fez for Doctor Who, a Captain America shield for Marvel, Reveille for Texas A&M, a deerstalker cap for Sherlock Holmes, Toothless for How to Train Your Dragon, Pikachu and a pokeball for Pokemon, a dragon because dragons (duh!), a SGC uniform for Stargate, a Borg eyepiece for Star trek, Stitch for Disney, a bicycle for unhealthy collection of them, with little Borg and Cynder along for the ride.

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Cutest of Borgs

 Borg by Amye