Saturday, November 11, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017

Welcome Jax

Cynder and Borg's baby boy, Jax. You're screwed kid.

Borg Shadow Box

A shadowbox by Teknojock as a gift. Borg Tongue.

Not Amused

The BABSCon 2015 Musician's poster by Lolopan. Even though I'm small you can still see my deadpan at the antics of the Pony next to me.

Borg Glass

This was commissioned by Silver Eagle I believe during a charity auction live stream.

Cake Toppers

We had these commissioned as our wedding cake toppers! Borg is wearing a  darker armor and bow tie while Cynder is wearing Cadance's dress from an offical toy! Unfortunately they didn't survive the shipping, so we shipped them back and they still were a little broken on their arrival. Notice Cynder's horn? Anyway, this was just about the first time we got to see the back of Borg's head.

Wedding at Nightmare Nights

Another beautiful piece by Cynthia Conner depicting Borg and Cynder on their wedding at NMND. This actually happened. Officiated by Rarity and everything.

Check out the video below...

My Beautiful Dragon

The inscription in Cynder's ring "My Beautiful Dragon" in Tengwar, and elvish language.

Chatty Batty a.k.a Cora Spondance

Commissioned by Borg for Equestria Daily's new forums as a mascot. Created by Ashley Nichols.


Commissioned by Silver Eagle for Borg. A go to icon for all the cute ponyness!

Pointy Love

Commissioned by Borg as a gift to Cynder. Cynder loves pointy ponies!

Unhappy lonely pointy Borg edit below

Pointy High Society Borg

Commissioned by Borg for the official token of BABSCon's High Society membership. Created by LostintheTrees.

Spirit Chaser

Commissioned by WeAreBorg for Nightmare Nights Dallas in 2014. While, adamant that Spirit Chaser was NOT an official con mascot, the convention chairs could do little to stop the artists and fans who loved her more than Saros, the first mascot. During NMND's final run in 2017, a cardboard cutout of Spirit Chaser earned several hundred more dollars than that of Saros in the Charity auction. Created by Ashley Nichols. Her cutie mark is unknown.

Wedding Invitation

Commissioned by Cynder for our wedding invitation for a "Nerd" themed wedding. Everything thing here represented a table at our reception: Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle plush for My Little Pony, a wand, broom, snitch, & cloak for Harry Potter, a Tribes spinfusor, Minecraft sword & creeper for gaming, a police box & fez for Doctor Who, a Captain America shield for Marvel, Reveille for Texas A&M, a deerstalker cap for Sherlock Holmes, Toothless for How to Train Your Dragon, Pikachu and a pokeball for Pokemon, a dragon because dragons (duh!), a SGC uniform for Stargate, a Borg eyepiece for Star trek, Stitch for Disney, a bicycle for unhealthy collection of them, with little Borg and Cynder along for the ride.

The Battle Continues

Learning of my wish to get a battle scene commissioned, Cynder went to her own artist to accomplish the task in secret.

The Dance

Cynder: The Beginning

When first dating Cynder, I asked her to make a pony based on General Zoi's OC creator. The result was a sterotypical dark edgy OC that resembled remarkably close to Shadow Tempest in My Little Pony: The Movie. The movie was not out yet so that character comparison couldn't be made, instead she looked a great deal like the Cynder from Spyro the Dragon game series. Already, called a dragon by me due to her passion, fury, jealousy, hoarding (of shoes), and ability to read my mind, "Cynder" became Cynder. Cynthia Conner was once again commissioned in watercolor. While Cynthia mistakenly colored Cynder's horn metallic instead of the dragon's bone I didn't much care.

Love is in Bloom

Photograph of an early piece commissioned by WeAreBorg, water-colored by Cynthia Conner.

Battle Sketch

An early sketch of a piece commissioned by Cynder.

Mr. and Mrs. Borg

Inspired by the climatic gunfight scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, this piece by Ashley Nichols was first sketched by Borg.

Borg and Cynder

I'm a long time fan of InuHoshi due to her work for the fanfic The Life and Times of a Winning Pony. Cynder commissioned this as a gift to me. Created by InuHoshiToDarkPen.

Borg Only Edit Below.

Borg Plush by Equestria Plush

A long time in the making! Crafted over a period of 1.5 years, this Borg OC plush is likely the most expensive plush in the My Little Pony fandom. Some plush makers declined the commission due to the complexity of the work.

Cutest of Borgs

 Borg by Amye